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Our products

We supply and install a complete range of solar hot water products including both evacuated tube and flat plate solar collectors.

We can also supply a full range of solar components. We only use branded solar panels and constantly strive to find the most efficient design for greater performance and reliability.

Predominantly we will supply the Navitron range of evacuated tube solar panels – high-efficiency single-walled and twin-walled vacuum tube panels in a range of sizes from 10 tubes up to 30 tubes in 47mm, 58mm and 70mm diameters. These form a streamlined low-profile system where aesthetics are important. We also supply high quality 2m2 flat plate panels. Experience has shown that evacuated tubes out perform flat plate collectors by about 15% in our temperate UK climate, so we fit these out of preference.

We supply a variety of hot water cylinders - vented, unvented and thermal stores in copper, as well as stainless steel unvented cylinders. Cylinders are manufactured to specific designs, and we can configure bespoke cylinders to suit your requirements.

We use controllers manufactured by Sorel and Resol as well as Navitron budget range. The Sorel controllers are the most popular, being highly sophisticated yet simple to install and set up, and represent excellent value for money, incorporating features normally associated with much higher cost controllers. Our suppliers work very closely with Sorel to develop and improve the product, and we can even arrange customised firmware for special applications.

Ancillary products such as pumps, pump stations, non-return valves and high temperature Armaflex insulation in a range of diameters and wall-thicknesses are available, along with continuous pipe work, both 10mm copper and pre-insulated stainless steel flexi-pipe (duoflex, naviflex).

We’ve sourced high quality products to provide efficient, reliable solar systems. We'll make your switch to solar straightforward and stress free.

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