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Reminder of changes to Feed-in Tariffs from 1 April

Press Release - 30 March 2012

Source: DECC

HDECC is introducing a range of changes to the FITs scheme to come into effect on 1 April 2012 following a consultation at the end of last year. The changes will help ensure that current tariff levels for solar PV are more closely matched to installation costs, and that solar PV is considered as part of a whole-house approach to saving energy and carbon.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said:

"These changes will help improve the Feed-in Tariffs scheme, ensuring it is a scheme for the many and not for the few. I am currently looking at how it can be further improved to offer certainty for householders, communities and industry and would welcome thoughts on our proposals. I want to see a bright and vibrant future for small scale renewables in the UK and allow each of the technologies to reach their potential where they can get to a point where they can stand on their own two feet without the need for subsidy sooner rather than later."

Link to full press release for further information and details on tariff levels for different technologies